Reversing stereotypes with Nadine Marke (ep 49)

Reversing stereotypes with Nadine Marke (ep 49)

In today’s episode we talk to Nadine Marke, a Partner and Director of the Corporate Advisory Team at RSM, a national accounting practice, and the mother of two primary aged children. 

We got to know Nadine while presenting at an event for Women in Technology WA on – you guessed it! – flexible working. This led to us working directly with Nadine and her partners at RSM in Perth as part of RSMs diversity strategy. 

Nadine is a true advocate for workplace change and the benefits of flexibility, diversity and inclusion. In addition to a very busy partner role, she sits on the National Diversity taskforce, holds the position of Diversity and Inclusion Partner in the Perth office and has headed up numerous workplace change initiatives such as the creation of EMPower (Equality Matters Perth). 

Highlights from this episode include: 

  • An open reflection on the value RSM derived from a workshop with Lucy and Jo around implementing flexible working within a traditional organisation and it’s plans for future actions; 
  • The need for organisations to prepare for the “future of work” and the importance of trust and technology; 
  • Creating team “rules” to ensure that flexible working doesn’t benefit some to the disadvantage of others (whether team members or clients); 
  • The need to experiment and accept that iterations will be required – there will never be a perfect solution for a business that lasts forever; 
  • Nadine’s personal reflections on being an “ambitious female” and managing the juggle with a husband working FIFO and no family support to assist with child care; 
  • The importance of giving yourself the time you need when you have a child – not overpromising when returning to work – to yourself or your employer; 
  • Choosing your non-negotiables – the little or big things that you won`t allow to be disrupted, whether attending the gym or being home for dinner with the family each night; 
  • Having a husband as the primary carer and the challenge of turning the tables on the typical role models. 

Links mentioned in this episode:  

Happy juggling! 

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