When 2 become 3 (ep 75)

When 2 become 3 (ep 75)

In today’s episode we’re talking about what can happen when 2 become 3 (not when 2 become 1, as the song goes).  

How does having children affect our relationships with our partner and what should we do about it? 

As always with these big topics, we’ve invited our resident psych Katrina Alilovic to counsel us through it all.  

So join us as we talk about: 

  • How to know when we are ready to have a baby and what we can do to prepare our relationship 
  • Some common changes that couples experience after having children – lack of sleep, irritability, changes to other relationships, reduced intimacy – and how to tackle them 
  • The good stuff – having children isn’t all doom and gloom in relationship land! Having children encourages us to think of our legacy and focus on shared goals. 
  • The four things to avoid to protect your relationship – criticism, defensiveness, stonewalling and contempt  
  • Seek professional help before your baby arrives to normalise the conversations around your relationship and learn the skills needed to tackle the new hurdles you’ll face on your parenting journey 
  • Suggestions for approaching decreased intimacy in your relationship – clear communication and understanding what needs you need to be met 

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Happy juggling! 

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