Why you should bring your whole self to your career (ep 76)

Why you should bring your whole self to your career (ep 76)

This week we’re joined by Angie Paskevicius, CEO of Holyoake, a leading provider of drug and alcohol counselling and support services in Western Australia. Angie has been recognised for her extraordinary ability to overcome challenges, lead and transform organisations and assist others in their professional success.  

Angie speaks and mentors about leadership, particularly in relation to challenges associated with adversity and change and, as part of this, is open about the challenges she’s faced in her personal life, especially those relating to raising her children as a single mother.   

Listen to the episode to hear our discussion about: 

  • The challenges and opportunities Angie has faced – being embezzled by her bookkeeper, moving interstate with young children, starting a family business and peeling potatoes while breastfeeding her baby 
  • How Angie learned to be independent as a single parent with two sons aged 4 and 6 
  • How Angie’s life experience has shaped her into the leader she is today 
  • Winning the Telstra WA Businesswoman of the Year 2015 was the impetus that encouraged Angie to be more open about her personal life in her leadership mentoring 
  • The natural progression Angie has experienced from being a very private person to feeling comfortable with being vulnerable sharing her personal story  
  • The fine line we all travel between what is normal today and things that can change overnight 
  • “Leadership is about who you are, not what you do” 
  • Understanding what is important to you, your purpose, your why – when you’re clear on this you will be guided in a direction that aligns your values and your career  
  • Angie’s changed perspective about the “mum guilt” she experienced while she was raising her children as a single parent – in short, she was too hard on herself 
  • When opportunities come your way, explore them. You never know where they’ll lead. 
  • “Anything is possible, you just need to believe.” Be confident that you can sort out anything that is thrown at you.  

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