Six keys to managing the juggle with our most popular guests (ep 57)

Six keys to managing the juggle with our most popular guests (ep 57)

Today’s episode brings together some of our most popular guests, as we replay for you a special panel event that we held in Perth on the day we released our 50th episode. 

We had Tim Hammond (episode 29) talking about leaving behind politics for family, the irrepressible Catriona Macleod (episodes 26 and 27) with her strong advocating for flexible working for all, and Katrina Alilovic (episodes 18 and 33) using her psychology skills to help us all manage the mental load and mum guilt that seems inevitable for most working mums. 

Our panel interview centered around the 6 main keys to managing the juggle we have identified over the course of releasing the first 50 episodes. We think everyone needs: 

To find their Joy 

To feel Unstoppable 

To Gather support around them 

To Guard their time closely 

To Love themselves 

To manage Expectations. 

Did you see what we did there? Yes – the 6 keys spell “JUGGLE” ?   

Listen in to hear everything from finding out what’s important to you, how to manage the mental load, the role of an employer in raising families and the need to build muscles! 

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Happy juggling! 

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