Reflections on 2020 so far (ep 111)

Reflections on 2020 so far (ep 111)

As has already been said – we don’t think anyone predicted their 2020 would look like this. 

A lot of people were feeling inspired by 2020 – the themes of 2020 vision, and the start of a new decade and a new chance to start fresh once more. 


It started off as a big year for The Juggle podcast. We hit 100 episodes back in January and we’ve been sharing the presentations from our event over the last few episodes. 

But it’s been an even bigger year for Lucy and Jo personally. As a result, the podcast has been taking a bit of a back seat recently. 

Given we are halfway through the year and it’s been such an unusual one – we opened a conversation in The Juggle Community to talk about reflections on 2020 so far. We share those reflections and a few of our own in this episode. 

Links mentioned in this episode:  

Happy juggling! 

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