The businesses introducing a 4-day week (ep 103)

The businesses introducing a 4-day week (ep 103)

Back in episode 67 we spoke to Andrew Barnes, founder of the global not for profit movement, 4-day week. Andrew told us about the experiment he did at his financial services firm, Perpetual Guardian, where he paid his staff for 4 days but only required them to work 5. What he saw was a boost in productivity and less staff turnover (among many other benefits), all of which equate to more profits.  

Since then we’ve heard of lots of other businesses having a go. What may have seemed like a crazy, or too-good-to-be-true idea, or something that would only work for a minority, is gaining a lot of traction. 

We love the idea of the 4-day week and in today’s episode we share 2 examples of forward-thinking businesses who are putting the 4-day week into action! 

Tina McAulay, Principal Director of McAulay Legal shares the “what, why and how” of the 4-day week in her business: 

  • The ‘What’ – Tina explains that she successfully trailed the experiment of working 4-days while paying full time employees a 5-day salary in April 2019 and since then has never looked back.  
  • The ‘Why’ – Wanting work to be flexible whist keeping staff happy and enabling the workplace to be a positive and enjoyable place.  
  • The ‘How’ – Tina has committed to shutting down her firm every Wednesday, meaning her staff can rest, wind down and feel refreshed for the rest of the week.  

Nikki Beaumont, founder and CEO of Beaumont People has recently started a 4-day week trial in her business. She shares a snippet about why she decided to trial the initiative and what she hopes to see. 

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Until next week, happy juggling! 

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