Your business as your third child (ep 62)

Your business as your third child (ep 62)

We’ve heard from many of our listeners that, like Jo, they are running their own businesses while managing the juggle of work and family. Today’s guest is Kathleen Langford. On maternity leave with her second child she was inspired to have a third. Not the usual kind though. Instead, together with Lisa Cooper, Kathleen founded the business, Inside Out Occupational Therapy Group.  The business has 12 staff across three clinics. It serves numerous schools and also makes home visits covering child, adolescent and parent therapy.  Kathleen describes herself as having 3 children – 2 gorgeous humans and a business, which is like having a third colicky baby. 

What really stands out from our chat with Kathleen is the amount of time and effort above and beyond other jobs that is required when running your own business. Her tip? If you aren’t getting the highs from business and you are mostly feeling negative about it, then perhaps being a business owner is not for you. 

We talk to Kathleen about: 

  • The need for structure in her life to ensure that she devotes sufficient time and energy to the important things. 
  • The importance she places on having great support structures – particularly the parents of your kids’ friends – and the need to invest time in those relationships. 
  • The eternal struggle of parents coping with guilt around developmental challenges that children may experience. 
  • The age old question – are we harming our children by being working mums? 
  • Her advice to lower your expectations and allow yourself to be the “good enough parent”. 

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