IVF, surrogacy and the juggle with Sarah Jefford (ep 97)

IVF, surrogacy and the juggle  with Sarah Jefford (ep 97)

In today’s episode we’re joined by the incredible Sarah Jefford. 

Sarah is an IVF mum, an egg donor and gave birth as a surrogate in 2018. She is also a family and surrogacy lawyer.  Sarah and her partner Troy live in Melbourne with their two children, Archie and Raf. 

Sarah’s business is run entirely from home, and she works school hours and evenings to suit her family and her clients. She’s passionate about best practice surrogacy and donor conception arrangements and loves that her passion is also her job. 

Sarah joins us to share an insight into how she managed her juggle – her business and her family – while also helping another couple create their own family through surrogacy.  

Highlights from this episode include: 

  • How Sarah made the decision to become an egg donor and surrogate 
  • Juggling Court dates and client appointments with IVF appointments and home insemination – sick leave, flexible work, time in lieu 
  • How Sarah explained surrogacy to her children  
  • Adding a surrogacy family into Sarah’s juggle, during pregnancy and maintaining ongoing relationships for Darcy’s benefit  
  • What Sarah’s juggle looks like now – her dream career where her passion is her job and she doesn’t have to leave the house! 
  • Buy yourself a day spa voucher! 
  • Sarah’s mantra – “I do what I like!” Life is short, you have to do what makes you happy! 

Links mentioned in this episode:  

Happy juggling! 

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