A Coronavirus Conversation: Oh the mental load! (ep 106)

A Coronavirus Conversation: Oh the mental load! (ep 106)

In today’s episode we are joined again by Katrina Alilovic, our resident psychologist, and Jo’s sister. 

We figure people probably need a psychologist more now than ever as our worlds are turned upside down and our feelings are changing constantly. 

During the episode we share how our lives have changed so far with kids home from school and the changes to how we work. Katrina shares her personal story of settling into a new normal and how she has instigated family meetings to ensure that everyone remains well and sane. 

We stop short of giving too much advice on how to manage things as you are no doubt bombarded with “how to’s” everywhere. Some of our key take aways are: 

  • Be prepared for the long haul. 
  • Create a new “do” and “don’t” list that takes into account your changed circumstances. 
  • Allow yourself to feel all the things – tired, loss, resentment and whatever else. Give yourself time to deal with things. 

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Happy juggling! 

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  1. I loved this episode – the uncomfortable truth that it’s often the woman who has the “walkaway” job and also your acknowledgement of single parents. Yep, we are well used to doing it solo. Doesn’t make it any easier for any of us, single or otherwise, especially during these challenging times.

    • The Juggle says:

      Thanks so much for your feedback Sallyanne. We’ve done a couple of episodes about the unique challenges that single parenting brings. Have a look at eps 23 and 66. Best wishes, Lucy

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