The Walkaway Job (ep 58)

The Walkaway Job (ep 58)

Today we are joined by listener, Cathryn Urquhart, who contacted us offering to share her juggle journey that she called “The Walkaway Job”.  In the episode, Cathryn shares an alternative perspective to sharing the load” where instead one partner has “the walkaway job”, enabling them to quickly and easily step back from their career at a moment’s notice when needed by the family.  

We talk about: 

  • Cathryn’s explanation of the walkaway job: what it is, how it looked in her family and why she chose to organise her career and family life this way 
  • A discussion of whether and how we can we share the “walkaway” role and how this changes as children get older  
  • The need to “make your peace” once you have decided how your career/family mix will look  
  • Shifting your perspective to consider the cost of child care and outsourcing of household responsibilities as an investment in your future 
  • Whether Cathryn’s views on the walkaway job and her attitude to her career have shifted as her children have got older 
  • Cathryn’s mantra – “I’m not in a ditch” – in other words, things could be worse! 

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Happy juggling! 


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