Managing the juggle as a single mother (ep 66)

Managing the juggle as a single mother (ep 66)

In today’s twopart episode we are talking finance with Michael Miller and sharing strategies and advice for single parents.  

First up we’re joined by Michael Miller, certified financial planner with MLC Advice Canberra. This week Michael explains the different types of benefits available for Australian families with children, how to claim them and how to avoid ending up in a position where you have to repay. 

In part two we are joined by Jenny Davidson, CEO of the Council of Single Mothers and their Children (CSMC). CSMC is a non-profit membership organisation founded by single mothers to improve both their lives and those of their children. They offer telephone and email support for single mothers and advocate for their rights in employment, income security, affordable childcare and housing and respectful treatment from government agencies. 

Jenny talks to us about:

  • the unique challenges faced by single mothers, including the financial repercussions of being unable to work full time, the relentlessness of solo parenting and the difficulty of making big decisions alone;
  • strategies for managing time, including speaking to the school community to look for support;
  • how social media can be used as an invaluable support network for single mothers who don’t have other people to talk to about their challenges;
  • her advice for applying for flexible work to fit around family responsibilities, starting with knowing your rights;
  • the essential foundations to make the juggle as a single parent a little bit easier – the morning routine being the starting point! 

Jenny encourages single mothers to remember that although the challenges can be more intense when parenting alone, so can the joys. 

Thank you to Michael Miller, MLC Advice Canberra  

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Happy juggling! 

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