The Four-Day week with Andrew Barnes (ep 67)

The Four-Day week with Andrew Barnes (ep 67)

No doubt you have heard of Andrew Barnes’ four-day work week whereby all of his staff have a day off at full pay every week. It went viral around the world. The story has reached 64 countries, been the focus of about 4000 media stories and there are at last 8 countries engaging with Andrew to help them implement this in their own countries and workplaces.

The 4day week is just one way that Andrew is channelling his vision – to change the future of work by challenging old structures and establishing inventive measures to help people be their best at both work and home. 

In honour of flexible working day, Andrew joins us on the podcast this week to share what he learned from implementing the four-day week in his business in New Zealand and how you can go about implementing it yourself.  

Highlights from this episode include: 

  • The origins of Andrew’s idea – why he does what he does. Reading aeroplane magazine articles can be beneficial! 
  • Andrew’s mantra – 100% of pay, 80% of time, provided you give 100% of productivity. 
  • The need for business owners to understand that they don’t have the solutions and the corresponding importance of giving individuals the responsibility for working out how they can perform their role. Give them “ownership”. 
  • How flexible working has resulted in staff having babies! And other beautiful stories. 
  • The importance of flexible working to resolve issues of gender pay gap and increasing women in leadership. 
  • How Andrew told his HR Manager after she returned to work 4 days per week that he was going to increase her salary back to 100% based on her output.  
  • A solid reminder to never negotiate on time – income should be based on productivity and output. 

We are also joined again by Michael Miller from MLC Advice Canberra. This week Michael is talking education funding and preparing for those big costs that you can incur as children progress through school. You can get in touch with Michael online, connect with him on LinkedIn, or follow him on Twitter 

If you have questions for Michael, send them to us at 

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Happy juggling! 

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