Mumbelievable: From identity crisis to newfound confidence (ep 36)

Mumbelievable: From identity crisis to newfound confidence (ep 36)

The shift in identity that comes with new motherhood is something that so many of us experience, but so few people talk about. As much as we think we can prepare for motherhood, we have no idea what we’re in for until it arrives and that takes many of us by surprise!

This week we are joined by Ursula Tavender, founder or UK company Mumbelievable. Ursula understands the shift in identity and loss of personal and professional confidence that many women experience after becoming mothers. In fact, it is her own experience that led her to her mission: to support and empower a million mums to rebuild their confidence and reconnect with themselves.  As well as supporting women, Ursula also supports businesses to engage and retain talented employees by helping their employees to regain confidence and manage the emotional and logistical demands of being a working parent.

Highlights from this episode include: 

  • Ursula’s 8 week old baby, Neo, cooing in the background! Such an adorable sound! 
  • Normalising breastfeeding by breastfeeding in work environments, such as conferences and, in Ursula’s case, on stage while speaking on a panel! 
  • Advice for new mums: allow yourself to acknowledge the shift in your identity that comes from becoming a mother. Give yourself time, patience and kindness.  
  • How Ursula is using her own experience of motherhood to help women recover their own confidence and assist employers to support women through the transition to motherhood. 
  • A discussion of some of the simple (and free!) things that employers can do to be more accommodating for women returning to work. 
  • Ursula’s advice that we shouldn’t hide our personal lives from work. Being a parent can make you a better professional and employers underestimate the value that this brings.  

Links mentioned in this episode:  

Happy juggling! 

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