Know your limits: prevention is better than cure (ep 35)

Know your limits: prevention is better than cure (ep 35)

Mental health and wellbeing is an incredibly important topic for discussion – and yet still not one that is as common as it needs to be. Continuing our exploration of this topic for mental health month, today we interview Jerome Doraisamy.  

Jerome is a lawyer and writer from Sydney, NSW. He left legal practice in 2015 to publish his first book, The Wellness Doctrines for Law Students and Young Lawyers, which peaked at #2 on iTunes and has been sold on all six continents. His new book, The Wellness Doctrines for High School Students, was published in May this year. He currently works as a journalist for Lawyers Weekly and Wellness Daily and is an adjunct law lecturer at The University of Western Australia. 

Highlights from this episode include: 

  • A discussion about the pros and cons of sharing your mental health illness story in the workplace. 
  • The importance of finding an avenue of support that suits you (e.g, psychologists, online forums, your spouse) and understanding that the person who provides you with the best support in one area of your life, might not be the person who provides you with the best support in another. 
  • How to be self-aware and create a safety net for yourself by telling the important people in your life the signs/symptoms you exhibit when you are starting the slide towards mental illness, thereby enabling them to keep an eye out for you and help prevent you sliding too far. 
  • Play to your own self-interest. If you want to be the most productive and successful person you can be, then you need to put a sufficient amount of time into your own health and wellbeing. 
  • Prevention is better than a cure. Just like you need to put sunscreen on before you go out into the sun, it is important to take preventative steps to manage your mental health. This might include sufficient sleep, “sleeping your way to the top”, healthy eating, exercise etc. Choose the things that inspire you and you are motivated to do e.g. team sport, meditation etc. 

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