How to prepare yourself for maternity leave (ep 53)

How to prepare yourself for maternity leave (ep 53)

With Lucy awaiting the arrival of baby number two and having recently started maternity leave, this week we’re sharing our best advice to help you prepare yourself for maternity leave.  

There are hundreds of articles online telling you how to prepare for the arrival of a new baby, but what about preparing yourself for one of the biggest transitions of your life? Our advice is a mixture of ways to deal with the practicalities and how to deal with the range of emotions you are no doubt feeling as your baby’s arrival approaches. 

Our 7 tips are:  

  1. Start your preparation early. Ideally, start thinking about your leave as soon as you’re pregnant. What do you want to achieve before you go on leave? What are your priorities? How can you make this happen? 
  2. Create a transition plan. What do you need to put in place between now and leave to allow for a smooth transition?  
  3. Work out your leave entitlements and put in any applications required. 
  4. Think about when you will start maternity leave. Remember, dates can be changed, but it is a good idea to have a plan in mind.  
  5. Consider whether you want to keep in touch with work while you are on leave and make sure your wishes are known.  
  6. Plan a maternity leave project – something to occupy yourself if you find yourself getting bored at home.  
  7. Think about your return to work. While you don’t need to plan your return in detail, you should consider how long you may like to take off.  

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