Why you should share your story (ep 108)

Why you should share your story  (ep 108)

Back in March (when we were still allowed to socialise!) we held an event to celebrate 100 episodes of The Juggle Podcast.  

Jo and I met in early 2018 and quickly discovered that we had a similar vision: we wanted the world to be a place where women didn’t feel like they needed to leave their career when they had children. Where they didn’t feel “less” because they were choosing to work flexibly. Where they didn’t feel alone and overwhelmed. 

We created The Juggle Podcast and The Juggle Community on Facebook. We now have over 800 women in that community, have passed 100 episodes on the podcast, have over 53,000 downloads, and now have listeners around the world.  

We’re all busy going through the motions of life and we don’t often make time to stop, pause and reflect on what we’ve done. So we made sure we did this time! 

Over the next few episodes we’ll share the presentations given by our amazing guest speakers at the event as we celebrated 100 episodes, celebrated #IWD2020 and #eachforequal and designed our juggle for the coming decade. 

First up was The Hon Justice Jenni Hill. Justice Hill joined us as a guest back on ep 91 and joined us again at the event to address the audience.  

Justice Hill has had a distinguished career in the legal industry culminating in her appointment to the Supreme Court of WA in May 2019.  Justice Hill’s family includes her husband and two teenagers, Lachlan and Sophie. 

Justice Hill gave a really touching and pertinent talk about the importance of sharing our stories – both the good and the bad; the importance of flexible work done right; and how we can support each other in little ways that can often be much bigger than we ever intend. 

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Until next time, happy juggling! 

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