Building a strong team culture with a flexible remote workforce (ep 54)

Building a strong team culture with a flexible remote workforce (ep 54)

supportive workplace is a key element to a good work-life juggle. It takes work to build a strong team culture, especially when staff work flexibly or are spread across multiple locations.  Today we are hearing from Demetrio Zema, founder of NewLaw firm, Law Squared, which was recently recognised by Huffington Post as Australia’s most innovative law firm. 

Demetrio created Law Squared after feeling disenfranchised with the traditional law model and believing there was a way to do it better.  Demetrio has a strong focus on team culture which he puts at the forefront of every business decision. 

Highlights from this episode include: 

  • Demetrio’s view on the definition of flexible work and the importance of “give and take”. 
  • The importance of creating a true team environment when managing a remote team. Demetrio describes how he manages a team across three capital cities through a variety of tools such as different technology, weekly face-time and quarterly team get togethers. 
  • The benefits of a positive team culture to improve individual happiness and overall team happiness and productivity. 
  • Seeing the opportunity – The importance of employing people with skills and personalities that fit your culture and values, as opposed to being concerned about impending pregnancy or children. 
  • Demetrio’s two rules of trust and respect as a fundamental base to all relationships. 

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