How does a Judge do the Juggle? With Justice Hill (ep 91)

 How does a Judge do the Juggle? With Justice Hill (ep 91)

In today’s episode we are lucky enough to welcome Justice Jenni Hill, who speaks to us about her own personal juggling of not only being a Supreme Court Justice but also having 2 children.  

With having little family support over in Western Australia, Justice Hill discusses how she has managed raising her 2 children as well as building a successful career for herself. She mentions the importance of surrounding yourself with people who have made similar lifestyle choices and the importance of setting realistic targets and goals whist taking care of yourself.  

Listen in to hear her advice on work and family boundaries and the importance of being present in every aspect of your life. 

Highlights from this episode include: 

  • A discussion about the importance of choosing your priorities and knowing what is important to you 
  • The three aspects Justice Hill believes help women have both a career and a family:  
  1. Women sharing their own honest experience, including both the ‘ups and downs’ 
  2. The need to acknowledge that everybody’s ‘flexible work’ is different and constantly changing 
  3. The need to stop making assumptions of what individuals can or cannot achieve 
  • A discussion about how to engage with employees and co-workers and getting people to open up.  

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Happy juggling!

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